Sheva Chaya regularly hosts lively glass blowing demonstrations in her studio, with a mystical twist unique to her and the city of Tzfat. Her glassblowing demos are well known and have made Tzfat Glass a destination for tourists and art enthusiasts.

"...I came with a group of seminary girls to your glass blowing workshop and left amazed and inspired. It was fascinating to hear your story and how you came to live the life you are living now. It was my first time in the city of Tzfas. Thank you for being one of the highlights! Wishing you all the very best in your beautiful work. May you always feel and see Hashem in your life in a revealed manner....With appreciation, Mussy"

“The presentation was mindblowing! I never knew you could blow glass like a balloon.”


Our Gallery is located at 7 Tet Vav Street, Safed. We are easy to locate on Waze by searching for 'Sheva Chaya's Gallery'. Waze will direct you to our location. There is plenty of free parking right outside of the gallery.


Not a Wazer? Find us on Google Maps Here

Demonstrations cost 300 NIS per group of up to 20 people.   Add 15 shekels a person over 20 participants.  The demo is approximately 30-40 minutes long. We strongly recommend making group reservations well in advance of your arrival date. Please use the form below to book your reservation.

If you are a tour guide or tour coordinator, we would love to work with you; please contact us!

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