West Coast US Hanuka tour and more....

West Coast US Hanuka tour and more....

Lots going on!
With thanks and amazement, we have finally launched a fresh new website. I so appreciate you loving and supporting my artwork! It means so much! Check it out: http://www.shevachaya.com/

Upcoming Hanuka tour~meet and greet artist and art sale:
Thursday Dec. 10, 8 pm central Seattlehttps://www.facebook.com/events/559269570892955/
Saturday Dec 12, 8 pm melava malka art chill at the Simon's in Seattlehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1082794521732390/
Saturday Dec 19, 7 pm meet and greet artist and art sale in Ventura


I'll be giving over the inside scoop on my artwork, some Hanuka Torahs, and a taste of eretz Yisrael...hope you can join! Feel free to share and let your friends know:)

...Glass Symposium the first week of February with Maestro Gianni Toso,Jeremy Grant-Levine Germ!, and more superstars on tap...
check it here and join the community (glassblowers and everyone else too!)


thanks for the love and light, back at you!

Sheva Chaya Shaiman
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