West Coast US Hanuka tour and more....

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West Coast US Hanuka tour and more....

Lots going on!
With thanks and amazement, we have finally launched a fresh new website. I so appreciate you loving and supporting my artwork! It means so much! Check it out: http://www.shevachaya.com/

Upcoming Hanuka tour~meet and greet artist and art sale:
Thursday Dec. 10, 8 pm central Seattlehttps://www.facebook.com/events/559269570892955/
Saturday Dec 12, 8 pm melava malka art chill at the Simon's in Seattlehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1082794521732390/
Saturday Dec 19, 7 pm meet and greet artist and art sale in Ventura


I'll be giving over the inside scoop on my artwork, some Hanuka Torahs, and a taste of eretz Yisrael...hope you can join! Feel free to share and let your friends know:)

...Glass Symposium the first week of February with Maestro Gianni Toso,Jeremy Grant-Levine Germ!, and more superstars on tap...
check it here and join the community (glassblowers and everyone else too!)


thanks for the love and light, back at you!