The Space

Well known as a center of Kabbalah and spirituality, Tzfat is also an emerging center for the arts. Many international collectors are attracted to and inspired by Tzfat's inspiring art scene.


The Old City of Tzfat is divided into two sections, the Old Jewish Quarter and the Artist Quarter. The establishment of the Artist's Quarter began after Israel’s War of Independence when many artists moved to Tzfat to open galleries and studios. Early artists, including Yitzhak Frenel and Moshe Castels, had lived and worked in the town since the early 1940s and by the 1950s many of Israel’s best kown artists  opened galleries in Tzfat.

Sheva Chaya is part of a new migration of artists that have established themselves in the historical Artist Colony. Her gallery, located across from the General Exhibition in the Artists’ Quarter of the Old City, is a Tzfat landmark and a work of art on its own.

The gallery features authentic Ottoman architectural elements including 350 year old high arched stone ceilings, which Sheva Chaya meticulously preserved while renovating the space for use as her gallery and studio.

The gallery boasts amazing acoustics, making it the perfect place for Sheva Chaya to host glass blowing demonstrations, lectures, collaborations with visiting artists, formal concerts and spontaneous jams.


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