How are your prints made?

Sheva Chaya’s giclee prints on watercolor or canvas are made with archival quality inks and paper.  They are meant to last many years.  The giclee process creates a very high quality print that feels much like an original.  

What is an embellished print?

In an embellished print on watercolor paper, Sheva Chaya will add additional strokes of color to highlight and enliven the print.  This process at an extra cost, creates and original print, like no other.

Can I order a commission piece?

Very possibly! Please contact Sheva Chaya for a quote regarding your commission.  

How long does shipping take?

Shipping time varies.  Standard shipping on items in stock takes about 3 - 6 weeks.  Custom pieces may take longer. Please let us know in your order details if you need your purchase by a specific date.  Express shipping at additional cost is usually an option.  We always ship with a tracking number to ensure delivery.

How are fragile glass pieces packed and shipped?

Our professional crew packs and ships glass pieces to ensure that they arrive safely.  We use quality packing materials and packing techniques to protect the glass items to the fullest.

Is shipping guaranteed?  

Yes, we take responsibility in making sure your piece gets safely to you.