Sheva Chaya is opening up her studio to glass artists from all corners of the globe to participate in the magic of making art in the mystical city of Tzfat.

DESTINATION GLASS: TZFAT is for artisans of all levels on the scene - established master glassblowers, emerging up and coming artists, and students.

There are three levels of participation:

MASTER GLASSBLOWER: Our Master Glassblowers in residence will have the opportunity not only to create in a private studio area, but also teach and demonstrate their work.  Master Glassblowers may also have a solo or collaboration exhibition with Sheva Chaya in the enchanting, authentic Ottoman Period domed gallery space in Tzfat.

WORKING ARTISTS RESIDENCY: Emerging glassblowers will have the opportunity to offer their expertise assisting students in hands -on classes, give gallery lectures, and  either have their own exhibition or collaborate on one with other working artists. Residence and studio space are provided.

STUDENT: Novice glassblowers can learn basic glassblowing techniques through regular workshops in the gallery. Workshops will be led by Sheva Chaya and other master glassblowers.

As a visiting Scholar in Residence, each artist is encouraged to present a lecture and slideshow sharing their work, life stories, and insights into their creative experience. 


Maestro Gianni Toso demonstrating live in the gallery during his residency in 2019.

In addition to honing their craft, visiting artists can explore the glorious Galilee region of Northern Israel. Tzfat is in close proximity to snow capped Mt. Hermon, beautiful rivers, lakes, and hot springs. Sheva Chaya enjoys taking her colleagues and students of field trips exploring the natural beauty of the area.

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