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Unique handcrafted glasswork & art to engage your spiritual essence.


"Creative, gracious, original, colorful, inspiring... in these ways Sheva Chaya Shaiman is similar to the unique works of art she produces.”
– Hamodia 

“Sheva Chaya’s gift of bringing out life’s beauty ranges from painting to glass blowing, and more recently, into giving meaningful Torah classes. Come visit! That’s the best!”
– Judy Brodt, founder Yeshivat Simchat Shlomo

Show Me Sheva Chaya's Art

My Creative Process

Whenever I make a new piece of art, my ideas do not manifest immediately. They become.

As the artwork takes on a shape, color and vibrancy of its own, my craft begins to reflect the joy of an internal process. This being in a state of becoming -- of continuously renewing my personal vision -- is one of life's greatest delights.

I want to share that magic with you.


“I am mind blown at how expressive your art is, and how you always look for the beauty and light and put that into the things you create.”

Sarah Brie

People are Saying that...

“After receiving her degree in Visual arts and Art History from Princeton University in 1997, Sheva Chaya made Aliyah to Tzfat, Israel, where the land, the people, and the rich tradition of spiritual teachings infused a greater depth to her work… Her glassblowing demos are well known and have made Tzfat Glass a destination for tourists and art enthusiasts.” 
– WorldJewishTravel 

“Sheva Chaya is one of the most important students I have ever had. Her glass art is infused with color, joy, and spirituality. Her creative vision and technical skill combine to produce a very personal, unique art. She puts her heart and soul in glass; it is not just a show of academic training.”
– Maestro Gianni Toso


Gianni is a ger tzedek from Murano. In a group of 3,600 glassblowers, he was one of six to earn the title Maestro. Gianni is famous for his cutting-edge work in the glassblowing community. 

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Wedding Glass Package

Transform your chuppah memory into a unique gift, an heirloom for generations.

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Glass Art

Get ignited with exquisite artwork that captures the magic of glass, color, and spirituality.

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Dive into themes centered upon the Land of Israel, Jewish women, Torah, Kabbalah, and mysticism.

" ‘The Tree of Life’ painting is beautiful. Working with you has been a pleasure.”

– Rosie, Audrey & Marc

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Enhance your daily routine by getting beautiful art printed on the object of your choice.

When friends and strangers see intriguing prints of my art, you will get a conversation going about mysticism and the meaning of life. 


Now available...

Get prints of my artwork on tapestries, your monthly planner, journal, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and the thermos you carry around with you everywhere.

I purchased prints of the bird with many colors and a rabbi representing the Nishmas Song. Both products have significant value. The first print of the bird is a constant reminder to be authentic to myself and to bring Tzfat, a representation of acceptance for me, into my life.”
– Batsheva Tirtzah Gordon


You can check out my art online. And you can come experience it in person.

For those who've stopped in, working with me in the mystical city of Tzfat has been life changing.

Come visit! The fresh Galilean air will clear your heart and your mind.

Destination: Live Glass Blowing Demo

People from all over the world stop by my gallery to experience the magic of my glass blowing demo. 

“The girls were greatly inspired by your glasswork and paintings as well as your explanations. May you be zochah to inspire many more people in the future.“
-Tiferet Seminary

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Destination: Painting Workshop

I've always dreamed of discovering and painting 'off the grid' locations around The Holy Land.

I want to share that experience with you.

Now offering private field trips to budding artists. If you'd enjoy a destination art lesson on Israel's history-saturated trails or in front of her holy vistas, please join me.

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Destination: Glass Blowing Internship

Now offering glass blowing classes and internships to budding artists. For those who fit the role, beginner class can lead to an apprenticeship (residency). esidencies are for advanced students.
imited slots available.


Since I was nine years old looking at a demonstration on glassblowing, I had a dream to learn it myself… Twelve years later, I discovered Sheva Chaya and had the luxury to apprentice with her. Starting off I didn’t know what I was in for. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with this art form more and more and that I wouldn’t ever be able to get enough. Sheva Chaya taught me the world of glass in so many forms. She looked at what forms made me excited and taught me how to do them. She shared her own experiences and along the way asked. me to share mine. She is an amazing artist and a special person. Thank you for the experience of a lifetime.”
– Ateret Richler

Discover How

Commissioned Glass Art

Do you have an eye for art?

Many people commission me to design pieces for special occasions such as adding the finishing touches to a synagogue (shul) or as a gift to impress government officials.

Are you interested in having something specific handcrafted?

Please reach out – I love discussing big ideas.

Free 15 minute consultation.

Check out Some of my Favorite Commissioned Pieces...


*The Ner Tamid, literally the eternal flame, is a reference to the flame in the Beis Hamikdash that was maintained to remain lit at all times. Generally, the ner tamid is a small chandelier that hangs over or in front of the aron in a synagogue. It usually has a little light. The ones that people commission me to make are primarily to beautify the davening services.

Your Ner Tamid is beautiful! We are so excited!
– Temple Emanuel

Return customers are saying…

I purchased prints of the bird with many colors and a rabbi representing the Nishmas Song. Both products have significant value. The first print of the bird is a constant reminder to be authentic to myself and to bring Tzfat, a representation of acceptance for me, into my life.”
– Batsheva Tirtzah Gordon

“I often bring tours to Sheva Chaya’s gallery for a live glass blowing demo because she does an extremely good job packaging Judaism with universal truths. She is the highlight of my tours.”
– Yo’av Belhar

“Sheva Chaya is a talented, beautiful glass artist and painter. My students have cherished her workshops year after year and it’s something we would not miss on our yearly trip to Israel and Tzfat!”
– Amy Guterson, Founder and Artistic Director of Tzohar Seminary

“Made two purchases to remember our experience and also because we loved the work.  Great place to visit on your trip to the town.”
Peter Gatzios

“Fantastic! Something different, unique, with real human connection and a beautiful space. Very interesting and enjoyable.”
Sarah Bassan

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