Noah`s Ark


As the ark approaches land, the excitement and hope for a new life, a chance to start over fills the scene.

Everybody knows the story of Noah's Ark.  A big storm coming, the world covered with water, a tumultuous storm raging for forty days, animals and Noah's family surviving on the boat.  The key to this painting is the moment it depicts from the Noah's Ark story.  Reflecting a desire and effort to choose to think positively, I decided to make a conscious choice.  Instead of painting the chaos of the storm or preparing for the storm, I chose to paint the moment right before the ark made it to land.  This is a moment full of hope.  The land (on the right side) has a full tree flourishing, it is finally a place of rest for the travelers on board.  All realize they will be able to get off of the boat, to start anew, and that life has untold gifts and hope ahead.

 Without the guidance and inspiration of the teachings of Rebbe Nachman, I imagine my depiction of Noah's Ark would have been more bleak.  Rebbe Nachman explains that the power of thought is much greater than we realize.  Human nature is to often drift in thought, and often to less than positive places.  But, we can choose to think positively.  This actually changes the world, the outside reality reflects our inner thoughts.  So, this was my exercise with the story of Noah's Ark: to look for the good.  By choosing to paint a positive moment, the affect on whomever sees it should be very positive.  

 Included in the piece are some interesting creatures: a llama, a tree-frog, a koala mother and baby....


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