Shlomo Niggun


I made this painting for Shlomo Carlebach's tenth yartzeit. His soul shines bright and deep.

Shlomo ztz”l 10th

R’ Shlomo Carlebach, known for his niggunim (songs), stories, and big heart, has had an immeasurable effect on this generation.  This painting was created on Shlomo’s 10th yartzeit.  I found myself in my home, wondering why I didn’t go to the annual concert celebrating Shlomo on his yartzeit in Jerusalem.  I decided to paint him instead, and this, one of my favorite paintings, came down.  The simplicity of Shlomo’s expression, flying through in colors, somehow conveys a taste of his sweetness, depth, and power.  We know from R’ Nachman that song is the extracting of good, picking the notes that will lift everything up.  One way to achieve this is to search for and find good points in ourselves and each other.  Shlomo was the greatest expert of finding the good in people, he was truly countless people’s best friend.


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