Starry Temple


Inspired by Van Gogh's "Starry Night". 

Starry Temple

~One day the moon will shine like the sun~

This painting was inspired by Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and the idea to paint the holy Temple in the foreground instead of the dark European rooftops in the original.

Not to mention, the process of painting a new piece based on a Van Gogh was life changing, but I realized the piece actually has a beautiful message.  This is connected to the well known idea, a spiritual practice called "doon le chaf zcus" (looking for the good points).  R’ Nosson of Breslov explains that finding one good point, whether it be in myself, another, a situation, a challenge, is like finding a bright star in the nighttime sky.  The difficulty (the darkness) is no longer the focus, and the light shining from the bright star switches the perspective from darkness to light, negative to positive.  So, in the Starry Temple piece, we see a starry night sky full of stars.  Each star represents every time someone made the effort to find the point of light, the point of goodness, which switches the whole situation to redemption.  Basically, when we are doing our work, this is reflected by the sky full of stars.  And this brings the Temple. 

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