The couple’s participation in their wedding glass package is a unique, interactive, creative, and unforgettable experience.

The package includes the first cup to break at the wedding, and a padded envelope to ship the broken pieces back to the studio where Sheva Chaya will create the final hand blown glass gift and ship it back to you. Shipping is included for both hand blown pieces.

Sheva Chaya will create a thin, hand blown glass cup, and ship it to you anywhere in the world to break under your Chuppah (wedding canopy).

You send the broken pieces back to her studio in Tzfat, where they are transformed into a one of a kind hand blown glass keepsake gift for the bride and groom.

Choose between a new glass cup, mezuzah case, salt bowl, pomegranate, or two matching goblets with stems (deluxe package).

The perfect gift for any Jewish wedding!

The mezuzah Sheva Chaya made for me with the broken crystal glass from my younger brother's wedding was absolutely beautiful. Not only did she incorporate it into a wonderful design, but she also gave me several options before creating the piece. My younger brother is so happy and his wife (who somewhat tough to please) is floored and thinks it is truly stunning. 

The scariest part was entrusting such a cherished piece of my family's history to a stranger as well as putting faith in her that she would navigate the Israeli mail system to perfection. My worries though were all misplaced, and Sheva Chaya was fantastic through and through. 

On a side note, I also took a trip up to Safed where I first encountered Sheva Chaya. She put on a breathtaking display of her glassblowing abilities and techniques. I would recommend anybody traveling to the north of Israel to take the time and check out her shop and book an audience with her.’ 

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