Birkat Hachama, Blessing of the Sun


Birkat HaHammah, Blessing of the Sun

This painting weaves together the light of the menorah and the sun, recognizing G*d's eternal good bestowed upon the world through the works of creation.  The sun blesses the world with light.  The eternal light of Israel is represented by the menorah, shining from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  This is the light of joy and truth, of the wisdom of the Torah.  This is a Jew's blessing of light for the world: sharing truth, the light of the Torah, shining on the world.

(painted on a hillside next to the burial site of Rebbe Shimon Bar Yochai, Meron, Israel)

Painted in the year 5769 (2009), this moment holds special significance.  According to the Talmud, the blessing of the sun comes every 28 years, when the sun returns to its original position when it was created on the fourth day of creation.  This is a great moment of newness, reconnecting to that original moment of light which shines on the world day after day since creation.  Sheva Chaya made this painting in honor of this special moment, to catch some of the light.

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