Destination: Painting


The eyes of Hashem are always on the land.

When I first toured Israel over 20 years ago, the beautiful landscapes and light captivated me and inspired my decision to move to Tzfat to pursue my career as a professional artist. Today when I drive across the land I am still in awe of the variety and beauty of the land of Israel. It's always like that first time my eyes beheld the majesty of Hashem’s work of creation from the seat of a tour bus, stirred by the vividness of the colors and endless variety of ecosystems in tiny Eretz HaKodesh, the Holy Land of Israel.

The Destination: Painting series is a gathering of seasoned and amateur painters meeting in special locations around Israel to paint what we see and experience. I will be actively painting on location, as well as teaching and helping those who join me on how to approach painting en plein air (in nature).

Come as you are and paint with me, in the beautiful open country of Israel.

Half-Day Encounters, Whole Day Adventures, and Multi-Day Excursions are available 'on demand' for a minumum of three participants. The cost for participation in half and multi day lessons is $120 per person; Whole day lessons are $180 per person. 

Experienced plein air painters are encouraged to bring their own supplies; otherwise Sheva Chaya we will put together a beginner kit that will be available for purchase within the next week or so.   

Large tour groups are encouraged to participate at any level but please contact us at the studio to schedule. or +972 50-430-5170. 



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