HaShem Sfatai Tiftach - Hashem, open up my lips and my mouth shall declare your praises.

This painting was created while sitting in the spring grasses of Gan Sofia, in Uman.  Rebbe Nachman, in the last few months of his life, would walk through this enormous beautiful garden to boost his physical and spiritual health.  One of his primary teachings, called Hitbodedut, was a precious piece of advice which allows anyone to bring the physical and spiritual realms together.  He explained that by going out into nature and speaking from the heart to G*d, as if speaking with a best friend, a person can come to great joy and connection with the Creator.  Further, the grasses and trees around the person praying in this simple and powerful way will certainly join in the song.  The Hebrew pasuk written across the piece says "HaShem sfatai tiftach, Lord, open my lips."  This is a simple beginning, a way to begin speaking which can lead to a tremendous song of connection.  The beautiful natural world helps inspire us to sing, and joins in the song as well.




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