The pregnant woman has a special and holy task: to wait.  Sitting is a conscious way of passing the days weeks and months to the day the baby arrives.  Sitting and waiting is also a way for the baby and the mother-to-be to connect with each other even before the baby enters the world.  The changes that come with the baby are very strong; once the baby comes, the world looks new.  Time sitting and contemplating the special phase she is experiencing in her life can better prepare the holy woman to receive her baby and make the transition in a smoother way.  Rebbe Nachman refers to waiting as a holy period of time which signifies that something very valuable is on the other side of the time spent waiting.  It is a special state of being which is discussed in his great work, Likutei Moharan, section 1, #6.   This painting is a part of the series made for Expecting Miracles exploring the beauty and strength of the Jewish woman on her journey to bringing new souls into the world.

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