Last Song before Shabbat


The Last Song before Shabbas is painted in a Van Gogh style where you see the brush strokes and they show the direction and the energy of the piece.

The painting is based on that transition moment between the six days of the work week and Shabbat where everything shifts from doing to being.

I grew up not knowing what Shabbat was and when I learned about it and tried Shabbat the first time I thought it was amazing to take a break and stop and to let go of the working world for 25 hours. It also made me think about the other six days of the week. That in those days of the week I can work, make things, and create- and I like to work, make things, and create.

So, it made me think - What is that last special thing that you do before Shabbat?  

I thought it would be nice to play one last song. In this painting you can see the figure sitting on the bench and playing one last song  and that energy coming out into the world as Shabbat and nature all is in that transition. 

The painting is celebrating that moment of transition.

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