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Shalom friends! Summer is heating up here at Sheva Chaya's gallery :) Wishing all of you a great Shabbat / weekend from us here in Tsfat, Stay tuned for more fresh paintings and glass-art! Love, Sheva Chaya

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What do I hope people get out of the 2016 Tzfat Glass Art Symposium? Eyes and hearts refreshed with witnessing and participating in creativity. Respect and recognition of Jewish artistic expression at its highest. Building of community, of artists and art appreciators alike. Spawning of new ideas for creative expression and collaboration. Fun! To witness a level of hakel, of community coming together specifically this year.  Seeing worlds meet, interact, collide, move forward... A breath of fresh air and relaxation in the mystical artistic village of Tzfat. That where there is a will...there is a way...

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Have you heard of hashgacha and siata d'shmaya? I had a dream to have the Maestro Gianni Toso to come to Tzfat and share his mastery of the art with art lovers, glassblowers, and anyone interested (or lucky enough) to see the highest level of the art in action.  I feel like I'm dreaming to see the dream come to fruition.  When I first met the maestro, even though I only saw him work for a few minutes of one day, my understanding and love of the material evolved beyond measure.  The maestro told me he would never come to Israel,...

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