The light of Hanukah!

The light of Hanukah!

36 hidden lights

We light 36 lights, there are always 36 hidden tzaddikim who hold up the world.  The new light of this year surpasses anything we have ever known before.  I "re"-fell in love with owls and therefore we have a new Hanukiah theme:

"Yishuv haDaat" Owl Menorah by Sheva Chaya

Why owls? Besides the fact that they are beautiful and spectacular examples of creation, the owl represents wisdom.  The light of Hanukah, reflecting a wisdom so deep it flows through on the level of simplicity, of light.  When I made this sculpture I saw the little owl was "sitting" in front of the lights of hanuka (therefore the name "yishuv haDaat").  We should be blessed with the sweetest light of hanukah filling our hearts and our homes, our loved ones and our world (all the worlds!).  

This and other one-of-a-kind hanukah menorahs available from Sheva Chaya, Tzfat Glass.


Sheva Chaya Shaiman
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